Got questions about life?

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Our Next Online Course Starts:  Wednesday 13th October at 7:45pm

What happens at Alpha Online?

Alpha is a great opportunity to meet new people, explore the Christian faith and discuss the big questions that you may have in life. It features an engaging video followed by a relaxed and enjoyable time for reflection, discussion and asking any questions you like.

Run using Zoom, this online format has proved to be even more successful than the traditional Alpha Course held around a meal.

Why do more people come? – because it is very easy to attend!

Here are the reasons given by previous guests:

kisspng-logo-question-mark-alpha-course-akp-logo-5b55aa88ac0259.0168010515323408727046 It only takes up one and a half hours each week (7:45pm to 9:15pm)

kisspng-logo-question-mark-alpha-course-akp-logo-5b55aa88ac0259.0168010515323408727046 No travelling, parking, or late evenings to worry about

kisspng-logo-question-mark-alpha-course-akp-logo-5b55aa88ac0259.0168010515323408727046 No babysitters or childminders to arrange if you have children

kisspng-logo-question-mark-alpha-course-akp-logo-5b55aa88ac0259.0168010515323408727046 It’s easier to build relationships because you can see everyone’s name on the screen

kisspng-logo-question-mark-alpha-course-akp-logo-5b55aa88ac0259.0168010515323408727046 You can even attend in secret if you don’t want your friends and family to know!

kisspng-logo-question-mark-alpha-course-akp-logo-5b55aa88ac0259.0168010515323408727046 The Video Sessions work really well online – check out the short promotional video below or by clicking the link:

Where is Alpha?

This Alpha is held on Zoom from the comfort of your own home. Once you have registered for the course we will send you the Zoom login information.

When is Alpha?

Alpha runs for 12 weeks from 13th October 2021 at 7:45pm.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to sign up  please fill in the form below with your details. Something like ‘I’m interested in attending Alpha‘ is all you need to write in the ‘message’ section.

If you have any questions, just pop those down on the form as well and we will get back to you with answers. Alternatively, email our team directly at or call us at 01444 232596

Why not?

You’ve made it this far down the webpage; why not come along to the first taster session on 13th October? You might just enjoy it! You’re not committing to anything, it’s a great place to ask questions and meet up with a group of likeminded people.